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More than ever before, owners are thinking about and planning their eventual transition out of business.  Historically, over eighty percent of owners wait until life circumstances force them out.  Whether it's a life threatening illness, a change in mobility, or simply a loss of passion, all business owners eventually recognize they will leave their business at some point. The question is how.  With the efficiencies of today's technologies, software, and contemporary business services, owners can now choose what's best for them.  It might be a sale to a strategic buyer, employee or employee group. It could be to an investment group, or even a merger with a competitor.  The process is the same.  Every business has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).  Every industry has best practices.  Once there is a thorough understanding of the existing situation, timing becomes the biggest factor. 

Focal 5 can help increase the short-term transferrable value of your business.  We can evaluate all aspects of your company, from the perspective of good buyers, to identify the greatest return on investment for change.  If time and budgets allow, precise improvements can be made that will increase your "walk-away" number.  After many years of "blood, sweat, and tears", you deserve to get a maximum return.  Our goal is help you exit when and how you want.

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