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Straight From the Source

We handle the transaction documents; they sell the business; it works well for everyone. Our law firm is nationally recognized in the Mergers & Acquisitions arena. We know Focal 5 has a proven process to find the best buyers. It is a mutually rewarding relationship at every level.

Joseph, Massachusetts

When my long-time business partner told me she wanted to buy me out, feelings between us were less than positive. Her emotions and mine were strangling the deal at every turn. What was needed and what Focal 5 brought to the table were skillful negotiations to keep consistent forward momentum. In the end, Focal 5 has proven they can do the job for our clients. We use them on every deal.

Jim, Tennessee

We knew the time was right, but let's face it, we had never sold a company before. We didn't really know where to turn so we asked our Accountant and Financial Advisors, neither of which has ever sold a company before. Focal 5 brought us multiple prospective buyers. In the end, we sold to another company in our industry one that previously had been a less than friendly competitor. Focal 5 not only got us a price significantly higher than our expectation, but we also built a bridge that changed our relationship with that buyer for the better.

Gary & Mike, Michigan

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