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M&A Buy-Side Services

There are a host of strategic reasons to acquire an existing company. Vertical integration, diversification, horizontal extension into new products or services, or just a more expediate growth when compared to an organic approach.  All are well-established methods to facilitate profitable growth. Sometimes technological integration is the answer. At the end of the day, identifying the reason for buying another entity is critical to achieving long-term success.

Focal 5 has years of experience working with business owners, identifying the most impactful purchases. The purpose must be clear and concise, adding significant value. Such success can be achieved for Private Equity buyers, Strategic & Corporate groups, as well as individuals looking for a quicker, controllable, sustainable, and profitable growth.



Our expert M&A Advisors free you up to do what you do best. While you analyze competitive deals, work through due diligence, and integrate acquisitions, we do all of the target market research and prospecting. We communicate directly with business owners in a way that builds trust and confidence. We set up the introductions with the ownership of companies that fit your parameters. Tell us what you want, Focal 5 will find it!



When your corporation considers what is required to professionally find, negotiate, and integrate an acquisition, you quickly recognize the benefit of hiring an expert M&A Advisor. Salaries, software, database subscriptions, lead generation, prospecting, proper valuations, and overhead costs are just some of the considerations. Some might call it "Fractional" M&A services, we call it cost-benefit results!



If you're an individual looking for a new start in your career, you want to avoid the potential pitfalls of buying a business - They are very real. Buyers may not know the right questions to ask, pay too much, not understand the financing options, or just not find the right fit. Far and away most deals end in failure, and buyers move on. In most cases, it takes much more sense to buy a business than build one organically. Focal 5 can help you find the right business foundation, with existing success that you can ultimately make your own.

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