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About Us


At Focal 5, our vision is to provide the most successful ownership transitions for our clients. Buying or selling a business is much more than just a transaction. It is about continuation. Our process gives consideration and respect to the current ownership, new ownership, employees, vendors and suppliers, customers, and the communities they serve. Our clients put their trust in our hands, and we reward them with results. Focal 5 is not like a typical M&A firm. We listen intensely to the needs of our clients, then we follow their lead. We also welcome collaboration with other advisors to efficiently get a deal done.  So, At the end of the day, it is about facilitating the wants and wishes of our clients, not our own.


Since 2008, the Focal 5 team has been navigating all aspects of the process in the lower-to-mid market Mergers and Acquisitions arena. Our professionals have a long and impressive record of success, ranging from selling and buying businesses of all sizes, establishing next-generation transitions, and negotiating partnership buyouts. We work with private equity groups, strategic buyers, as well as family offices. Deeply rooted in private business ownership, our team also includes members who have started, grown, managed, and sold their own businesses. Bottom line, we are proven Deal Makers! Founded in West Michigan near the picturesque lakeshores of Lake Michigan, Focal 5 has worked throughout the United States, and in many different industries. Whether you are in Manufacturing, Construction, Professional Services, Farming, Healthcare, or any other industry, our advisors are equipped to successfully manage your unique transition. By knowing the process, we avoid the pitfalls, establishing realistic timelines, maximizing value, and getting deals closed. Thank you for visiting our website.  Let's talk soon to discuss your situation.


Focal 5 has developed a unique and innovative approach to Mergers & Acquisitions, which generates a significantly higher level of success for our clients. Using a Family of Services approach, we have partnering relationships with industry-specific experts in Real Estate, Accounting & Tax, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Information Technology, Wealth Management, and Organizational Psychology. Well-versed in M&A, if needed, our partnering experts can quickly step into the M&A process to help get the deal done. This facilitates a smooth and expedient process, driving your success rate to over eighty percent.

Kurt Elliott 


In the 1990's, Kurt Elliott began his career by building and growing a food retailing business from inception to over $32 million in revenues. In 1996, he sold his equity position to the employees through an ESOP. From that point forward, he dedicated his career to helping business owners improve performance and increase their transferable value.  He has long believed that every business owner should understand the value of their business on an on-going basis, so when its time to get out, they get what they deserve.  In 2008, after working with hundreds of business owners as a Consultant, Kurt began getting requests to help sell their businesses.

At that point, the foundation of Focal 5 was born. Since it's origination, Kurt has continued to push the boundaries of what Mergers & Acquisitions can do. He has instituted a family of services approach to M&A, establishing partnering relationships with industry experts that can quickly step into the process if and when needed. This facilitates an uninterrupted forward momentum. While the deals at other firms stall out, Focal 5 gets it done. The approach used by Focal 5 has led to success in a multitude of industry types, earning it a reputation as a sell-side middle market leader across the United States.

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